Estate Administration

Heirs to Estate Fight for Cut of Looted Art Sale

When you think of an estate, you might consider property such as homes or other real estate as well as monetary assets such as bank accounts, investments and life insurance. Any asset that is valuable should be included in your estate plans, though, and that includes items such as jewelry, vehicles and art.

Protecting Intellectual and Brand Assets with Trademarks

When considering your estate, if you are a business owner, you might want to discuss how to protect your brand and intellectual assets during the estate process via trademarks and other legal registrations. The commonwealth of Massachusetts makes provision for individuals and organizations to trademark devices, symbols, words and names that identify their business or goods.

How Much is the Estate Tax in Massachusetts?

One of the many duties of the executor of an estate is making sure that the estate taxes are paid and handled correctly. While proper estate planning can minimize the tax burden, it is likely that at least some portion of the estate will go toward taxes.

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