Estate Administration

Asbestos Settlements Go to Heirs

Estate administration generally involves working to ensure that assets of an estate are allocated according to the wishes of the deceased. In some cases, administration of an estate can involve more complex duties, such as when a business or charity is involved. In one case in another state, administrators are dealing with the settlement of lawsuits related to asbestos injuries.

Comedian’s Estate Challenged by His Wife

Robin Williams, who passed away in 2014, reportedly left much of his estate to three children from his first two marriages. However, reports are that he made arrangements via trusts to fund his widow's living expenses so she could maintain her lifestyle and home for the rest of her life.

Walmart Heirs Lose Billions

When you leave investment or business assets to your heirs, it's likely that you are trying to secure both the future of your heirs and your own financial or professional legacy. While you can do a lot to create estate administration that goes along with your wishes, it's important to remember that nothing about the future is guaranteed.

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