Business and Corporate Law

Business and Corporate Law

The attorneys at CHWM have successfully represented numerous businesses of all sizes on a variety of matters from business formation to business counselling to partnership and shareholder disputes. In some of our most notable business and corporate law matters, we have:

  • Successfully represented corporations with regard to investigations and charges brought by state and federal agencies such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office, the Department of Labor, the Department of Mental Health, and the Department of Environmental Protection. Attorney Responsible: John A. Mavricos
  • Negotiated and prepared stock purchase agreements and asset purchase agreements. Attorneys Responsible: John A. MavricosAndrew P. DiCenzo
  • Negotiated relationships between commercial lender and broker for specialized lending services. Attorney Responsible: John A. Mavricos
  • Drafted and negotiated leases, non-solicitation, non-competition, and confidentiality agreements, as well as employment agreements, employee handbooks and severance agreements. Attorneys Responsible: Donald KeavanyAndrew P. DiCenzo
  • Negotiated commercial leases, acquisition agreements and asset purchase agreement on behalf of small business owners. Attorneys Responsible: Donald C. KeavanyAndrew P. DiCenzo
  • Contracted with vendors for specialized equipment used by financial institutions. Attorney Responsible: John A. Mavricos
  • Advised clients regarding state conflict of interest laws. Attorney Responsible: John A. Mavricos
  • Represented Condominium Trust in all aspects of condominium management, including the drafting of condominium bylaws, assisting with the running of annual meetings, advising Trustees regarding duties and obligations and assisting condominium with the collection of fees.
  • Represented a large mobile home park in all aspects of the business.
  • Assisted clients in deciding what form of business entity – partnership, LLC, LLP, S-Corporation, C-Corporation – best met the needs of a new business. Attorney Responsible: Arthur J. Giacomarra, Marvin S. Silver, Christopher R. Mitchell, John E. Shields
  • Regularly and routinely formed business entities and prepared articles of organization, bylaws, and Operating Agreements, as well as maintaining corporate records, and filing annual reports for corporations, LLC’s and limited partnerships. Attorney Responsible: Arthur J. Giacomarra, Marvin S. Silver, Christopher R. Mitchell, John E. Shields
  • Drafted and negotiated buy-sell agreements funded with life insurance policies for closely held family businesses. Attorney Responsible: Arthur J. GiacomarraChristopher R. Mitchell
  • Implemented creative strategies for avoiding and resolving deadlocks between partners and shareholders. Attorneys Responsible: John A. MavricosAndrew P. DiCenzo
  • Counseled numerous partners and shareholders in closely held businesses of their rights and obligations as members of corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies. Attorneys Responsible: John A. MavricosAndrew P. DiCenzo
  • Negotiated separations of partners and shareholders in partnerships and closely held corporations. Attorneys Responsible: Andrew P. DiCenzo
  • Successfully recovered amounts owed to subcontractor clients through recording and enforcement of mechanics liens. Attorneys Responsible: John A. Mavricos, Andrew P. DiCenzo
  • Successfully resolved claims on behalf of general contractor against homeowner. Attorneys Responsible: John A. Mavricos, Andrew P. DiCenzo
  • Reviewed and negotiated construction contracts on behalf of general contractor and subcontractor clients. Attorneys Responsible: John A. MavricosAndrew P. DiCenzo
  • Represented commercial tenants and landlords with respect to tenancy and lease disputes. Attorneys Responsible: Donald C. Keavany, Andrew P. DiCenzo
  • Represented owner of liquor license before the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission with respect to transfer of liquor license associated with sale of restaurant.
  • Negotiated disputes between partners, shareholders and family businesses in an effort to reconcile and resolve differences.

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