Business & Commercial Litigation

Business & Commercial Litigation

At CHWM, our attorneys have significant experience in Business and Commercial Litigation. Led by partner John A. Mavricos, our team has successfully represented corporations and individuals alike, earning them millions of dollars in judgments and settlements. In some of our most notable Business and Commercial Litigation cases, we have:

  • Represented minority stockholder in shareholder derivative suit for breach of fiduciary duties which resulted in a judgment of over $1,000,000. Attorney Responsible: John A. Mavricos
  • Notwithstanding existence of written release, brought claim and recovered substantial funds for client who had been fraudulently induced into entering into separation with former partner. Attorney Responsible: John A. Mavricos
  • Recovered substantial damages in mediation from business owner who reneged on sale of his business to a prospective buyer. Attorney Responsible: John A. Mavricos
  • Successfully resolved claims against major banking institution in claims arising from alleged improper management of trust accounts. Attorney Responsible: John A. Mavricos
  • Obtained summary judgment in favor of credit analysis company accused of failing to properly document individual’s credit history and allegedly causing damages. Attorney Responsible: John A. Mavricos
  • Obtained multiple defense verdicts in jury trials in favor of bars and restaurants charged with serving intoxicated patrons in liquor liability and dram shop claims. Attorney Responsible: John A. Mavricos
  • Represented corporations in disputes with parent and subsidiary corporations. Attorney Responsible: John A. Mavricos
  • Successfully represented partners and minority shareholders in business disputes including dissolution of partnerships and closely held corporations. Attorney Responsible: John A. MavricosAndrew P. DiCenzo
  • Successfully represented financial institution in action for mortgage deficiency after foreclosure that resulted in judgment of over $750,000 and dismissal of counterclaims against client. Attorney Responsible: John A. MavricosAndrew P. DiCenzo
  • Successfully defended claims against financial institution regarding foreclosure practices. Attorney Responsible: John A. MavricosAndrew P. DiCenzo
  • Obtained dismissal of claims against banking institution asserted under the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. Attorney Responsible: John A. Mavricos
  • Successfully briefed and persuaded United State Court of Appeals for the First Circuit to affirm district court decision with respect to deficiency judgment awarded to financial institution client. Attorney Responsible: John A. Mavricos
  • Won a $250,000 federal court judgment for manufacturer by establishing that a competitor had reproduced our client’s copyrighted product in a substantially similar fashion. Through creative use of demonstrative evidence, proved that the infringing designer had access to and likely copied product. Attorney Responsible: John A. Mavricos
  • Successfully defeated request for preliminary injunction against local hardware manufacturer accused of copying major manufacturer’s products and catalogue, effectively ending the case at its inception. Attorney Responsible: John A. Mavricos
  • Obtained injunctive relief in favor of corporation against former employees accused of using engineering designs constituting intellectual property of previous employer. Attorney Responsible:John A. Mavricos, Andrew P. DiCenzo
  • Defended former manager of corporation accused of taking previous employer’s proprietary business methods and techniques in setting up a competing business. Attorney Responsible: John A. Mavricos
  • Defended corporation accused of copying intellectual property allegedly belonging to former customer. Attorney Responsible: John A. Mavricos
  • Represented a contractor wrongfully terminated on a construction project and negotiated settlement in excess of $700,000. Attorney Responsible: David A. Wojcik
  • Represented major construction contractor in suit to enforce terms of construction contract with subcontractors. Attorney Responsible: John A. Mavricos
  • Successfully settled an insurance bad faith failure to settle claim for $900,000 on behalf of individual client. Attorney Responsible: David A. Wojcik
  • Successfully litigated suits over rights to life insurance proceeds. Attorney Responsible: John A. MavricosAndrew P. DiCenzo
  • Successfully litigated action to force insurance company to pay claim to homeowners for frozen pipes despite insurance company’s claim that policy was void because homeowners failed to maintain adequate heat.
  • Successfully resolved insurance claim on behalf of home owner who lost house in fire.
  • Hired as mediator with regard to construction disputes, intellectual property issues, and controversies between partners. Attorney Responsible: John A. Mavricos
  • Conducted mediations in all civil litigation areas, including personal injury, automobile accidents, business disputes, insurance issues, employment matters, as well as contractor, construction, and builder disputes.
  • Served as an arbitrator in all civil litigation areas including claims of defective home construction, disputes regarding the extent of personal damages and business disputes between shareholders and partners.
  • Served as court appointed discovery master in discovery disputes that arose during complex litigation.

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