Municipal Law and Zoning

Municipal Law and Zoning

Led by partners David Wojcik and Donald Keavany, our team represents clients in matters involving municipal and zoning issues. Our firm has served as long-time Town Counsel for a town in Central Massachusetts and has developed an extensive knowledge of municipal law. We also represent individual and business clients in zoning and permitting matters, administrative hearings and appeals, and disputes between private parties. Our representative matters include:

  • Successfully appealed Board of Health denial of municipal solid waste transfer station permit application on behalf of municipality. Attorneys Responsible: David A. Wojcik
  • Successfully represented a municipality in a suit challenging its trash truck routing bylaw. Attorneys Responsible: David A. Wojcik
  • Recovered more than $1,000,000 for a municipality in a back tax/real estate case. Attorneys Responsible: David A. Wojcik
  • Successfully represented a former police officer against a municipality with respect to returning to the police force after being disabled for ten years. Attorney Responsible: Donald C. Keavany,Jr
  • Represented former municipal police officers and state police officers before Massachusetts Division of Administrative Law Appeals. Attorney Responsible: Donald C. Keavany,Jr
  • Represented developers before local zoning and permitting boards and handle all aspects of 40A and 40B appeals in Superior Court, Land Court and Appeals Court.
  • Successfully obtained injunctive relief on behalf of municipality enjoining unlicensed three day concert event.
  • Successfully negotiated settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice denying liability and avoiding litigation following allegation of violations of a federal statute against municipal police department. Attorneys Responsible: David A. Wojcik
  • In a nuisance suit, obtained a settlement in excess of $750,000 for homeowners. Attorneys Responsible: David A. Wojcik
  • Prevailed on a Summary Judgment on behalf of a small business owner in a zoning dispute involving a neighbor and a municipality. Attorney Responsible: Donald C. Keavany,Jr
  • Successfully convinced Zoning Board of Appeals to reverse Building Inspector’s decision to deny a small business owner a permit to operate his business as an accessory use in a residential district. Attorney Responsible: Donald C. Keavany,Jr
  • Represented both sellers and buyers in residential and commercial real estate transactions.

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