Business Transactions


Business Transactions

Not all businesses can or should have an in-house legal staff, but all businesses do need access to a trusted legal advisor who can answer their questions and ensure that their interests are protected. CHWM’s business lawyers serve as outside counsel to businesses throughout Worcester and Central Massachusetts. We provide the practical, timely advice that our business clients need to be on a level playing field in all aspects of their business, whether negotiating contracts, entering into a lease agreement or obtaining financing.

A carefully drafted contract is your best protection against disputes and unforeseen claims. Hiring an attorney with experience drafting and negotiating business contracts that clearly define the rights of each party is important to every business. We can assist you in putting together an agreement that establishes your rights and obligations in clear, understandable terms. As a full-service business firm, we are also able to litigate any disputes over the interpretation or performance of business contracts.

As experienced commercial leasing attorneys, we will review, draft, and negotiate a lease agreement that protects you and your business. Our attorneys have reviewed, revised, and negotiated hundreds of commercial leases on behalf of our business clients and know which clauses will affect your bottom line. We know the legal issues and business terms that are most important to your business and the points to focus on in negotiations.

Expanding your business by entering into a new contract or moving to a new facility may require outside financing. Our lawyers work with commercial borrowers to ensure that they receive fair terms and a fair process from their lenders. We have negotiated and closed commercial loans, lines of credit, secured transactions, and loan workouts with banks throughout Worcester and Greater Boston. We inform and advise our clients every step of the way, making sure that they understand the process and that their expectations are met.

Our corporate and business law attorneys offer a confidential consultation in which we can begin developing a legal strategy to meet your needs. To arrange yours, call our office at 508-792-2800.

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