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Elder Law in Massachusetts

As Massachusetts residents get older, they often think more about estate planning matters. Younger individuals frequently put off drafting a will, and their robust health may lead them to think that a health care directive is not a pressing concern. Elderly individuals tend to approach these matters with more urgency, and having their estate issues tended to and their health care wishes clearly defined can greatly improve their peace of mind. However, other areas of elder law that could be of concern include Medicaid planning and elder abuse.

Heirs Seek Legal Protections for Business Deal Dating from 1935

Massachusetts residents may think that estate planning and administrative is over once a person dies and assets are divided between heirs. The truth is that executors or trustees to an estate can deal with legal and other matters for years, especially if a will is contested or there are long-term business or financial matters associated with the estate. For heirs of the woman who reportedly helped launch a syrup empire, estate matters include seeking what they feel are rightful monetary payments to the estate.

Case Shows Importance of Executor Choice in Estate Planning

The battle over control of late fashion designer Oleg Cassini's estate continued on May 29. According to reports, there is a dispute between the fashion designer's widow and his daughter over who should have control of the estate.

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