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Elder Law in Massachusetts

As Massachusetts residents get older, they often think more about estate planning matters. Younger individuals frequently put off drafting a will, and their robust health may lead them to think that a health care directive is not a pressing concern. Elderly individuals tend to approach these matters with more urgency, and having their estate issues tended to and their health care wishes clearly defined can greatly improve their peace of mind. However, other areas of elder law that could be of concern include Medicaid planning and elder abuse.

Medicaid, which is called MassHealth in Massachusetts, can help manage the health care costs of elderly individuals, but the eligibility rules for this program are complex. If you are concerned about qualifying for Medicare, an experienced estate planning attorney may be able to assist you by setting up trusts that can be used to transfer assets to members of your family. This could allow you qualify for Medicaid without forfeiting the things you have worked hard for.

The abuse of elderly individuals in nursing homes or assisted care facilities is a source of concern for many Massachusetts families. If you are worried that an elderly relative may be being physically abused or neglected in such a facility, an experienced elder law attorney could file a lawsuit against the nursing or care home in question and advocate vigorously on behalf of your elderly relative.

An experienced estate planning attorney could help elderly Massachusetts residents to work through complicated legal matters so that they may fully enjoy the retirement that they have worked so hard to achieve. If you would like more information about estate planning, Medicaid qualification or elder abuse litigation, please visit our page dealing with elder law.

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