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Legal Battle Ensues Over Body of Legendary Athlete Jim Thorpe

Jim Thorpe is one of the most prolific and iconic athletes in American history; and in the early 20th century, he was known for being truly great at numerous sports, including football, basketball, baseball and track and field. He won Olympic medals and played in multiple professional sports leagues in America. He died at the age of 64; and upon his death in 1953, his third wife declared that Thorpe -- who was born in Oklahoma -- would be buried in a new Pennsylvania town that would take his name.

Estate Planning is not Reserved for the Middle-Aged and Elderly

Imagine that your daughter is away at college and she suffers serious injuries after a freak accident on campus. She is in the hospital and unable to respond, physically or verbally. But, rest assured, you will be privy to all the information doctors have on your daughter, because you're her parent. You're family. That's the way this works, right?

Income Tax Has Become Very Important When Organizing Your Estate

With financial and tax regulations constantly changing, it can make it very difficult for someone to have a full grasp of where their estate stands. Every person -- and, thus, every estate -- is going to be a little different. That's why it is crucial for people who are looking to address their estate plan to consult an attorney. The advice you get can help you address the intricate matters at play with your estate, allowing you to reach a unique and effective solution to your financial situation.

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