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Why a Lawyer Should Review Your Subcontractor Agreement

Negotiating a subcontractor agreement? Explore how an attorney can help you get the most favorable terms.

New Employment Agreement Renders Old Non-Compete Agreement Unenforceable

A non-compete agreement can be used by an employer to limit its employee from leaving to work for a competitor or to start a new business in the same industry. To be enforceable, such agreements must be for a reasonable period of time and extend only to those places where the employee may compete with the employer. Due to their restrictive nature, courts scrutinize non-compete agreements carefully.

Commercial Leases: Large Legal Steps for Your Business

Whether you are expanding, starting from scratch or making the move from home-based business to corporate office, a commercial lease agreement is likely in your future. Commercial leases can be quite different from the document you signed for your first -- or current -- apartment. Property owners who rent to businesses often have numerous stipulations, and you can risk the security and success of your business if you choose the wrong location or don't understand your lease.

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