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Heroes Get Help with Estate Planning

It’s not a fun thing to think about, but everyone will face their demise. This is one reason why a good estate plan that includes a clear-cut estate administration method is important. These tools will ensure that your final wishes will be followed.

Many people seem to think that doing any type of estate planning is only for the rich or those who have a lot of things they want to bequeath to others. In actuality, everyone should have one, including and especially first responders. Fire fighters, police officers and other emergency workers put their lives on the line to help others who are in danger, so they should be as protected as possible in the result of a tragic event.

The Wills for Heroes program is a joint effort between state bar associations and local attorneys. The program offers free wills and estate planning services for all first responders. These workers can have a will drafted, compose durable powers of attorney and take care of other legal documents. These services will give the first responders peace of mind since they will know their families are protected in the event they are killed.

The program is nationwide, so first responders can find the program in their local area. So far, over 7,000 first responders have used the program since its inception in 2001. Anyone who is interested in using the program should contact the local bar association and ask when the next seminar is scheduled. First responders or anyone else who needs estate planning services can also contact a legal professional experienced in estate planning. Whether it is a simple will, a large estate that needs to be bequeathed to a variety of people or you want to make sure your children will be able to attend college even if you pass away, proper planning will ensure these things will be taken care of. Being prepared brings peace of mind.

Source: Times Gazette, “Wills for Heroes helps ease burden” No author given, Nov. 28, 2013

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