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Estate Planning: Preparing for the Future Now

While it is not usually a favorite of dinner conversation, what will happen to your assets after your death is an important issue for all Massachusetts residents. Having a clear and thorough estate plan in place can make the months after a loved one’s death exponentially easier on the person’s family. Instead of trying to figure out the finances or deal with the court dividing assets in the absence of a will, the heirs can be free to grieve and celebrate the person’s life.

The theory of estate planning is relatively simple, but in action, it can get much more complicated. Most people believe that a will is all they need, but many can benefit even more from other estate planning tools such as trusts.

Just as you trust your finances during life to an accountant or other qualified finance professional, your estate planning should also be done by someone who knows the pros and cons of each options and can work with you to determine the best comprehensive estate plan for your needs. An attorney can explain the different types of trusts, help you draw up a will and even give advice on how to choose an executor of the estate.

No one wants to dwell on what will happen after he or she is gone, but putting in the time now to create an estate plan that is reflective of your wishes and your legacy can ensure you are prepared later on. Whether you are just starting to think about a will or wondering if you need to move some assets into a revocable trust, we can help.

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